Hi guys! It´s been a long time since we saw eachother here, but let me tell you, this time I´m back and I´m back for real! So let´s start!!

Today I´m gonna share with you a delicious recipe for a Spicy Asian Style Pork. I definetly loved it when I tried it that´s why I decided to share it with you.

-500 gr of pork
-500 ml Tomato puree or mashed tomatoes
-1 medium onion
-1 small red bell pepper
-Sweetner of choice, I´m using pineapple marmalade
-Seasoning: Tabasco (or any hot sauce you like), paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, parsil, oregano, salt and garlic. (Feel
free to add any other spices you like)

1.We´re gonna start chopping our veggies in julianne style. Ater that in a pan with some olive oil stir fry the onions till they´re translucent, then add the bell pepper and cook.
2. When your veggies are cooked, add in you pork, diced and cook until it develops good color.
3.Season it with salt and pepper and then add in a tsp of tabasco or the hot sauce of your choice. Add in 1 tbsp of paprika and 1
tsp of cayenne pepper. Then add the remaining seasonings to your taste.
4. Mix in everything to integrate all the flavors and then add the tomato puree and mix very well, then low the heat to medium- low and put the lid on.
5.Let it cook for 10-15 minutes and it´ll be ready.
6.Add 1 tsp of the sweetner you chose and then mix. Taste it and add any seasoning it might need, mine was perfect.

And there you have it, a very delicious and easy asian style pork. You can have it with noodles or any other side dishes that you prefer. I had it with some rice with veggies and also with a tomato, lettuce and avocado salad on the side.

Remember this is a very spicy recipe so feel free to change the cuantities of spice in this recipe to your like.

Hope you like this recipe, see you very soon in another post!