Today is February 28th, last day of the second month of 2015, another year we decided to accomplish all those new year resolutions that we haven´t accomplished for years. Well, let me tell you it´s time to raise your head and fight. Nobody wants to stop eating pizza, bread, fries… but it will all be rewarded, so make your decision and start this month on the right way.

In my case the resolution that I´m starting to accomplish is to change my lifestyle. It´s about get into a Healthy Lifestyle and starting to treat my body well.

I don´t know about you but when I eat a lot of junk food or when I´m not eating on a regular schedule I feel like I don´t have enough energy, I feel tired, sleepy or even hungry a few hours after any meal. That´s why I decided to go back to a healthy lifestyle, eating everything but with moderation, and of course, basing my diet on natural ingredients.

To start this blog I want to share with you something that I wanted to try for a very long time, a GREEN JUICE. I know for many people it is crazy to drink veggies but I actually think that it is an extraordinary way to include them in your diet. Sometimes is really difficult to eat all the fruit and veggies that doctors recommend per day, so a juice is a great way to do it!