Today I feel like If it was Monday, you know. But today´s not Monday, today´s Thursday, so I´m no going to stop making everything that I have to do today just because I don´t feel like doing anything today.

We´re almost ending the week now so let´s make the most of it. I know it´s hard, and that having a lazy day would be great but hey, you know you´ll feel better after doing it.

So here I am, dressed and ready to go to the gym while I write this, because even though I have no desire to go work out, I know there´s a reward after all. I just don´t want another year like that last one, because you know it´ll be the same if you don´t make a difference. So let´s make the difference so that we can make this year a better one.

As I told you on my social media, today I´m going to share with you a GREEN SMOOTHIE recipe. Why do I say SMOOTHIE instead of JUICE? Easy, today we´re using Milk instead of water.

Diuretic Green Smoothie Recipe