I´ve never been a Monday person, actually, I´m the oposit of that, I hate Mondays. It´s really hard for me to wake up on Mondays, my bed sheets hug me and they try not to let me wake up.

Mondays are also the day you gotta start over again, you gotta set yourself new goals for the week and fight to accomplish them.

So that´s how I am on Mondays… a disaster. But hey, I´m not the only one, it is scientifically proven that Mondays are the worst day of the week to start something new.

Now you can imagine what I did yesterday, right? The truth is that yesterday was just as I described Mondays. The good thing about it is that today is Tuesday, so we´re in the perfect moment to start anything we want! It´s the perfect day to make the right decision and do what you´ve been postponing for days, weeks or even months.

Think wisely, do you really want to end the year without accomplishing your New Years resolutions? You´ll say, well, it´s only March! There are many months still left. JÁ, let me tell you, if you keep on postponing it you won´t be commited and it´ll get harder and harder!

So yeah, I´m still here, fighting to change my lifestyle and one thing I´ve been postponing for months is going to the gym. There´s always an excuse, (I don´t have time, it´s expensive, I´m not good at it…) But excuses won´t make you fit. Today is Tuesday March 3rd and it´s time to “take the bull by the horns”.

No more excuses, let´s be decisive on what we want and fight.

The recipe that I want to share with you today is a perfect pre-workout breakfast. It´s super easy and it´s perfect for those days when we´re on a hurry.

It´s a delicious smoothie and it´s perfect as a pre-workout breakfast because it´s very energizing. Never forget to have breakfast, it´s the most important meal of the day because it´s the first meal after several hours of fasting. That´s why is so important to have breakfast, cause our body needs enough energy to start the day and to function well. Also, having a healthy and energizing breakfast helps your body to get active and better to workout.